Felix – Death To Everyone But Us

Not the housecat or for that matter what said furball ate, it’s not even the ‘Don’t You Want Me’ ’90’s version, instead Felix is just Lucinda Chua and Chris Summerlin. And for that we should be thankful for the British duo have an eclectic bent that is very much to our liking. We’ve only heard this but going on the presented evidence we’re thinking their 2009 ‘You Are the One I Pick’ could be something to behold, or at least held. ‘Death To Everyone But Us’ is classy, articulate and about as linear as a windy secondary road in west Clare. It will make you crazy. KD

Felix – Death To Everyone But Us

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Year: 2009

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  1. August 4, 2011

    I like this joint, I like her voice. Its almost like I wouldn’t expect a voice that sounds like that to say “death to everyone but us.” Its a dope contrast!

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