jj – New Work

A couple of years on since their foundation and jj and label Sincerely Yours remain as tight lipped as ever. No detail, just a solid gush of new sounds that for the most part are pleasing and in some cases a but more than that. Joakim Benon and Elin Kastlander appear to have stalled a little since becoming the haystack of choice for Pitchfork but that is not to say that they are redundant. In fact ‘New Work’ would tend to suggest that the Stockholm duo are very much at the peak of their powers. It may not swoop with the finesse of ‘Things Will Never Be The Same Again’ but then not many things do. In many ways ‘New Work’ is slightly awkward but in a world of conformism this is to be both applauded and encouraged. KD

jj – New Work

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Year: 2010

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  1. […] If i said two words; the first being “Swedish” what would the second be? Yes pop music and swedes go together like chucks and thirty year old men who think they’re still relevant. What? Would you have preferred sluts and Ke$ha or maybe gay pride rallies and Lady Gaga? The point is “New Work”  is another example of world dominance from a country I couldn’t find on a globe if my life depended on it. I’m guessing it’s not in Africa or the middle-east and probably not in Texas… “I’d like to phone a friend Regis .” This song does prove that if you take Jay-Z and that chick without any talent off of  “New York” and then let someone with actual mixing skills get their hands a little dirty it actually begins to sound rather good. Although, if i have to sit through the last thirty seconds of talking at the end of this track one more time I may never listen to it again…just quit talking. “this is my life yadayadayada cool sweet whatever.Holy annoying delay batman. ( I first heard it here) […]

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