Aveo – Dust That Dreams Of Brooms

When a pet dies, parents of small children often spin a tale about the farm, a magical place where deceased animals can run and play all day long until sunset and they are always perfectly happy. Deep down inside I believe in this place, and I feel strongly that there’s an equivalent destination for bands that left this world before their time.

Seattle-based Aveo lived in our world for just a few years in the early 2000’s, releasing a couple of records on the reliable Barsuk imprint before disappearing into oblivion, where they are surely living it up on that farm where bands jam all day long until sunset and the neighbors never complain. Luckily, before departing, the trio left us ‘The Dust That Dreams of Brooms’, which is quite possibly the closest thing to a perfect pop song that will ever exist in our terrestrial world.

Joseph Avary

Aveo – Dust That Dreams Of Brooms

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Year: 2004

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