Suckers – Out On The Water

Suckers ‘Out On The Water’ sounds like a tune I loved and lost many moons ago. Not possible mind given that this Brooklyn band only created the splendour in 2009. I’m half kickin’ myself that I missed it back then but half jumping for joy too that it wasn’t lost in the abyss that is 100 gigabytes of unheard music. I tell ya, without random shuffle I’d probably be still listening to listening to ‘Bye Bye Badman’ on repeat. Anyways Suckers (not you, them) do appear to be a colourful bunch and given the hazy post-psychedelic nature of ‘Out On The Water’ it seems they take their eccentric style choices into the studio with them. Along with the Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Walkmen too I’d imagine, for this is a homage to genius that reveals the genuine article once you peer beneath the scratchy surface. ‘Out On The Water’, incidentally, is a mere b-side from the band. KD

Suckers – Out On The Water

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Year: 2009

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