The Morning Clouds – A Walk Home

All told you can’t beat a nice descriptive name, something that offers clues to the noise inside. Slowdive spring to mind because as you took in their chord pulses/vocal fragments you couldn’t help but nod in approval at their choice of moniker. And so we come to Denver’s the Morning Clouds who drift by similarly (Josh Wambeke who runs the show was previously in a shoegaze outfit named Fell), almost nothing happens of consequence but the lavish slouch is just snowflakes to our inner melting snowman. Wambeke’s endeavour has been given a major backslap of late as he has joined a growing roster par excellence on the Lefse label. Perfect bedfellows I think you’ll agree and a union that will spawn fruit in the shape ‘Wasted Youth Blues’ next month. KD

The Morning Clouds – A Walk Home

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Year: 2011

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