Hallelujah – Know No Pain

Sounding like a curious mix of Wings and a coterie of bands signed by Alan McGee for his Poptones label hardly makes Hallelujah as confusing a crossbreed like that should. They are New York cool (not just in a way that living in Brooklyn affords that status), no doubt, for even though they list all of their names we hardly ever see their faces (how very B&S of them). Not that it matters, given that you have the sun going down glory of ‘Know Your Pain’ to softly caress your instinctive senses. This is elaborately put together, mostly likely via a budget that could fund about half a dozen fast food meal deals. Consume Hallelujah’s album when you can, they’ll bring the pop. KD

Hallelujah – Know No Pain

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Year: 2011

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