Fireflies – Xmas Song

As with most things this year we’re a bit late with getting around to rejoicing upcoming events. So it took us till 3 days before Easter to celebrate Paddy’s Day and the nod to the longest day of the year song only arrived on October 21st. So it should come as no surprise that we’re lagging behind in presenting you with our first Christmas song this year. Normally, with Halloween just put to bed the reindeer sounds flood our stacks and it is a mere short hop to chez mp3hugger. So with just a month to go Fireflies offer us some seasonal respite. Here is a band who should really come from Sweden but instead flutter around the environs of Chicago. But at least they can console themselves with releasing singles via Knut’s Norweigan Eardrums Pop label. This is a beauty from 2007, simple verse chorus verse. The best kind. KD

Fireflies – Xmas Song

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Year: 2007

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