Deleted Waveform Gatherings – Brand New Funky Hairdo

Oh please humour us for we’ve had the toughest couple of days and we’re in need of easy thrills. So dispense with the obvious comparisons because we’re this sounds so utterly retro heeled. And in normal circumstances we may well have similarly scoffed but for now ‘Brand New Funky Hairdo’ is filling a wounded part of our being. And anyway if you are going to go all Noel Gallagher with your musical stylings you may as well do it in such a fabulous fashion as to exhilarate even hardened views on the failings of modern day music makers. This Trondheim act have been around for a while but it looks like their current LP ‘Pretty Escape’ is going to do to them what ‘The Invisible Invasion’ did for the Coral. Ultimately they will be loved in certain clued-in quarters, which is a lot more than most bands can ever hope to achieve. KD

Deleted Waveform Gatherings – Brand New Funky Hairdo

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Year: 2012

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