New Animal – Don’t Think I’ll Make It Through Another

Kris Hermstad and Derek Burdette from Atlanta have the regular knack of drawing us in with their New Animal project. It happened a couple of times last year and with such effect that one of their tunes made our best of for 2011. To date each of their 3 releases have been freebies, the last of which, ‘Still In Mind’, appeared towards the end of last year and marked a step forward. The pair appear to have moved from the bedroom to the hallway – that leads to the world outside. By this we mean their sound no longer feels like it was produced in semi-darkness on a PC. Not that fact ever distracted from the quality of their tunes, but ‘Don’t Think I’ll Make It Through Another’ sounds more organic, less processed, like it was produced by 2 heads held high. And so they should be, because to our ears, at least, this is one very exciting prospect. KD

New Animal – Don’t Think I’ll Make It Through Another

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Year: 2011

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