Widowspeak – Puritan

I’m not sure how this Brooklyn trio calling themselves Widowspeak managed to elude me in 2011. Almost obsessively I mined the internet for interesting new sounds but these guys (and girl) somehow slipped through the cracks. It’s a mistake that’s easy to make in this day and age and luckily it only takes an errant mouse-click or two to correct.

The track ‘Puritan’ is immensely likable from the very first chord. A clean, deep guitar sound, some simple kick drum, and the breathy vocal stylings of Molly Hamilton start things off right before the full band kicks in. It’s light and fun, perfect for toe-tapping and  and part of what works best about the song is how the band can sound so full and robust while playing such sparse simple parts. 

Widowspeak certainly aren’t reinventing the wheel, but their self-titled LP proves that they know their way around a moody pop song. Get it via Captured Tracks or through their bandcamp. It’s definitely a keeper.

Joseph Avary

Widowspeak – Puritan

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Year: 2011

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