Superblondes – Can’t Do It Alone

An Irish band doing indie rock, how particularly un-novel given that there are a million or so of them in operation. Especially now that the economy has taken a giant dive and all the young people will have nothing to do except scoff up their runners, grease up their unkempt hair and dream of throwing apple gizmos into the pool from their 5 star hotel bedroom. Pretty confident that Cork band Superblondes won’t get that far but they may well be able to assemble a neat niche for themselves if they can knock out a dozen or so ditties similiar to this one. They certainly strut like a turn of the century Strokes and thankfully they back it up with a chorus that is within touching distance of reaching dizzy heights. As first steps go this is a gentle leap. Some genuine blondes might even say it was Ágætis Byrjun. KD

Superblondes – Can’t Do It Alone

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Year: 2012

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