Katie Kim – Your Mountains

In the 7 years that this blog has been ambling along we’ve always taken time out (from a stubborn half-drunken stupor that renders follow-on daily activities near impossible to carry out) to showcase something from the Emerald one. Not this year mind so for this post alone can you suspend disbelief and imagine the world is still a brighter shade of green. It’s important that you get that perspective for otherwise you may find it hard to imagine something as delicate and fragile as Katie Kim coming from this island (she intimates a more northerly soul, like a Stina Nordenstam). I’ve been aware of her presence for several years but only now beginning to see what those who were doing the prompting could hear. ‘Your Mountains’ is taken from her brand new album ‘Cover&Flood’ and the Waterford lass shows all the signs of becoming a quiet superstar. The production gives the piece intimacy, offering a glimpse of what she must sound like on a dimly lit stage. One to watch, but mostly one to listen to. KD

Katie Kim – Your Mountains

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Year: 2012

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