Apollo Ghosts – What Are Your Influences

Been somewhat diverted with the imminent arrival of tiny hugger number 2 and the small matter of our tribute compilation to the Boys In Green (more of which later). So listening to new sounds has been a fleeting activity recently. And with so little time to spare it is only tiny dinky numbers like Apollo Ghosts ‘What Are Your Influences’ that are getting through. All it takes is 90 seconds for these Canadians to work their retro heeled magic however. This is a real-life mirror image of the best 90’s indie band that never was, all brightly lit moving parts and a vocalist who sounds like he might be smiling all the way through. It’s mightn’t add up to a hill of beans but then it doesn’t make you fart either. KD

Apollo Ghosts – What Are Your Influences

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Year: 2012

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  1. Jeremy Jensen
    April 16, 2012

    Damn. That’s great.

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