Jared Miles – He Once Was A Friend Of Mine

Jared Miles has some backstory, at least the first few weeks of his introduction to the world which belongs in biblical times. Not that that will in any way colour your views of his music which is well capable of setting its own scenery. And for all that tunes like ‘He Once Was A Friend Of Mine’ could well turn people off due to its slow canter with revelations that come so organically you may just feel like the world is passing you by. But herein lies the beauty, once drawn in it is very hard to move on to anything else. The instrumentation too may not initially appear that elaborate, which could be down to Miles captivating vocals, but there is much to savour. Not least the climatic brass and the delicate chord changes. Should be enough to get you hunting down Miles’ 2011 record ‘Rocketship’.KD

Jared Miles – He Once Was A Friend Of Mine

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Year: 2011

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