Wave Sleep Wave – Hey…What?

‘Hey…What?’ is a raw and dexterous piece of invention from New York’s Wave Sleep Wave. The sort of stuff that used to fill my 8 to 10pm listening berths when those slots were easily my favourite part of the day. Jerry Adler runs the 2 man show, with Yuval Lion, and he appears to have ghosted in and out of several project before settling into a precious groove with Wave Sleep Wave. ‘Hey…What?’ finds the duo approximating a perfectly lucid Sonic Youth, unveiling and replacing nuance within the blink of an eye. It’s all very exciting, as if the roof is about to blow in an act of solidarity. Wave Sleep Wave’s eponymous debut is the reason I’ve skipped mowing the lawn for another week. KD

Wave Sleep Wave – Hey…What?

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Year: 2012

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