Twin Falls – Janie I Will Only Let You Down

Having run his own label, Exercise1, for several years Luke Stidson knows exactly what the dynamics are in selling a band. So when he decided to come at it from the other side of the fence with his own outfit Twin Falls he was already one step ahead of the competition. Give them what they want and for many that is a piece of old-style Belle & Sebastian (by far the best style). The lead single from his album of last year ‘Slow Numb’ is just the prettiest of things. ‘Janie I will Only Let You Down’ builds ever so incrementally, like a discarded classic from ‘If You’re Feeling Sinister’ or ‘Tigermilk’, with each progression filling in the blanks of a lush canvass that will leave indie pop fans in a heightened state of salivation. KD

Twin Falls – Janie I Will Only Let You Down

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Year: 2011

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