[Interview] Slow Magic

Did we solve the mystery of Slow Magic? Not exactly, but at least he/she can be seen in the flesh on Irish shores this month.

Hugger: So who is the man/woman behind Slow Magic or are you really just an imaginary friend?

Slow Magic: I am everyone’s imaginary friend.

H: Your self-titled debut came out in late April but for us ‘Corvette Cassette’ is one of the sounds of the summer. Did you have a visual in your head as you pieced it together?

SM: Sometimes the feeling or idea for a song seems to click somewhere along the process. For Corvette Cassette, I wanted to create something that contained beauty but could also be danced to. I love when songs embody a certain feeling or mood, and it makes me happy when people can hear that.

H: In order to be considered relevant in the 1990’s you had to be part of a scene (shoegaze, madchester, grunge) so do you feel the time is right for Slow Magic to make a breakthrough given the popularity of Chillwave (and we acknowledge you call your music Dreamwave)?

SM: Someone called me a “genre defying artist” last year. I think it is important to fit into a certain scene but also to push the boundaries. In my opinion genre terms can be confusing. I’m always a fan of bands or artists that are hard to put into a genre.

H: Copies of your LP appear to have sold out, does that mean the death of physical media is greatly overstated?

SM: I’m happy to say that LPs and CDs have sold out except for a few that I will be selling on tour. We will be pressing more vinyls and CDs are already in the process of being re-made. It’s hard to say for sure, but the feeling of holding something in your hand and taking in the artwork is something that will never be replaced digitally.

H: A couple of songs don’t have names, merely symbols. Given the propulsive nature of the 2 tracks in question do we hear the decks of Ko Pha Ngan calling?

SM: I am a big fan of the moon, so the songs ◯ and ☾ were a fun way of putting the moon into my songs. For the triangle symbol of the album, it represents the three children on the album artwork.

H: Do you have any plans to release anything else this year? Maybe something in time for Christmas?

SM: I’ve been working hard on a new LP. The single, On Yr Side, was recently released and gives a good taste of what is to come.

H: A little birdie tells us you are visiting Cork in the near future, can you tell us more?

SM: Yes!! [see the vid below]

<3 Slow Magic

Slow Magic – Toddler Tiger

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