PS I Love You – Don’t Go

Don’t know about you but the new PS I Love You album, ‘Death Dreams’, seems like a much noisier affair than the Canadian’s debut. The song writing remains consistently strong but the amps are reaching for decibels not heard since Marty McFly was violently cast backwards into a bookcase. As it turns out ‘Death Dreams’ was recorded without the trimmings on a portable studio, which certainly gives the piece an air of authenticity, an almost off the cuff rampaging quality. ‘Don’t Go’ is one of its central pillars, all striking chords and Paul Saulnier’s semi-crazed scowl that points to a man disposing of his inner demons in a most public of ways. Makes for one of the songs of the year from a band that are one of this decades best. KD

PS I Love You – Don’t Go

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Year: 2012

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