The Colurs – Washed Away

Look past the purposely misspelt band name and feel the glorious noise. Well, er, noise is probably a bad word to describe the gorgeous emissions from Texas band the Colurs. Max Townsley and Drew Erickson form the crux of this outfit but were joined by several talented others during the recording of their debut self-titled EP in a broken down house in Denton. The result is a lush affair with Townsley using his days with Midlake to craft a retro fitted beauty in the shape of ‘Washed Away’. Asked what she thought of it my better half commented on how it sounded like something nice she had heard before, before launching into a joyous sing-along during the harmony laden chorus. All adds up to an extremely impressive first outing for the Colurs. ‘The Colurs’ EP is out on September 4th and the subsequent rainbows will doubtlessly reveal a pot of gold every time. KD

The Colurs – Washed Away

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Year: 2012

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