Alfie – Bookends

Manchester band Alfie had the ear of the critics and the record industry (they were signed to Parlophone as well as the much smaller but no less impressive Twisted Nerve) but it was not enough because the general populace largely ignored them. A shame really because they were a neat act, not one you’d expect to end up at a major but I guess quality does slip through on occasion. Their most cherished release is undoubtedly their first LP, 2001’s ‘If You Happy With You Need Do Nothing’, which gathered some early singles together in one place. The album sported a charming shuffle and a quiet demeanour in the form of a clutch of wonderful tunes. There were hints of the Tim Burgess’ in lead singer Lee Gorton’s vocals but that could have just been his northern dialect. ‘Bookends’ was my favourite track, a charming gem replete with fleeting strings. Alfie broke up in 2006, 6 years after they had formed with Gorton putting their demise down to a familiar woe when he commented that ‘it’s hard to keep faith when it feels like no-one’s listening’. A pity. KD

Alfie – Bookends

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Year: 2001

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