Arlo & The Otter – You Can’t Cry In Outerspace

Max Sollisch released a short EP on Indiecater a while back under his Dolfish moniker. It was the culmination of several communiques between us (most of which took place by good old fashioned letter, quaint eh?). At the time we were a good fit, he was looking for a small label to showcase his talent and on hearing his work with Arlo & The Otter we couldn’t help but get involved. The original plan was to work on those Arlo recordings but as time moved on Dolfish took centre stage. While Dolfish was Sollisch on his own, Arlo was a joint collaboration with his stepbrother Jason Kluk-Barany and cast of revolving players. Over 2 years later and rather than let those gather dust in a Dublin attic I thought I’d let you take a peek at one of the tracks ‘You Can’t Cry in Outerspace’. Now to me this is genuinely different songwriting, a free flowing stream of consciousness that follows its own winding route. Sollisch is so tender and the playing is an able foil as it drifts in/out and refocuses, sometimes within the blink of an eye. This a perfect something for the endless rainy afternoons ahead. KD

Arlo & The Otter – You Can’t Cry In Outerspace

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Year: 2011

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