Bobby Darin – That Darn Cat

It been Culture night in Dublin and me being dad to 2 little ones I decided to mark the occasion with something altogether classy. As much as to say something that would otherwise not breach the snooty gates of ye olde indie fortress. And this one comes courtesy of our trigger happy remote control button pressing 2 year old who took a shine to a slick tomcat named DC. ‘That Darn Cat’ was released by Disney in 1965 and played, like much of their features of the time, like a cartoon inhabited by living creatures. The opening credits featured our hero and a thick barking loaf of a bulldog and that’s what you’ll hear early in the tune. It all turns a lot smoother when Bobby Darin’s vocals kick in though, gets you into the mood for applying a tub of brylcreem and making dandy with a couple of thousand strangers in downtown baile atha cliath. KD

Bobby Darin – That Darn Cat

More Info: Bobby Darin
The Movie: That Darn Cat
Year: 1965

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