Fonda – Better Days

Given that Fonda were founded in the mid-90’s it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise when you hear their sound. And with ‘Better Days’ only appearing in 2011 it is unlikely that they are going to change tact at this stage. Wohoo is what I say, for this brand of homage is something that the constituents of my external auditory meatus will always hold dear. This plays the shoegaze card so convincingly it could well have been cryogenically frozen circa the spring of 1992. The noise is both white and blinding but Emily Cook ably rises above the din to give her best Meriel Barham impression. Truth is, she is just being herself and with her band doing the same thing it gives ‘Better Days’ a low to mid twenties carrot rating. KD

Fonda – Better Days

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Year: 2011

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