Founds – Caves

It was on an early 90’s Dave Fanning 2fm session that Dolores O’Riordan first trembled those ‘so uncertain in love’ vocals. At that point, in a pre-blogosphere-discover-everything-that-ever-banged-a-saucepan age, it sounded like nothing else around and her fragily added to the Cranberry Saw Us’ undeniable charm. I was reminded of that recording while listening to Founds new single ‘Caves’ due to the similarities in the female vocals, especially before the song hits its climactic crescendo. The Brisbane band display a nuanced ability to change tact mid-song, in this case a tempo shift inspires vibrant lyrics involving whale bones, dukes and duchesses. Altogether sweetly inspired and a wonderful precursor to new LP ‘Hadean’. KD

Founds – Caves

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Year: 2012

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