Suburban Living – I Don’t Fit In

There are so many songs of this ilk sloshing around the internet it tends to blind one from their inherent charm. That might be all well and good if this type of stuff was reinventing the wheel but a charging volley of jangle accompanied by a fun and frivolous vocal has been with us since a cassette called C86 was sellotaped to the front cover of the NME. Fancy then those troopers that develop staying power (a la Girls Names), display a genuine depth and offer plenty of reasons to press rewind. Suburban Dreams has (I use has as it is just Wesley Bunch by himself) achieved this acumen on ‘I Don’t Fit In’ which starts out as one might expect it to but ends up developing a robust little personality of its own. There are some flashes of Ride in the sparingly applied singing and the kick and rush playing offers an excitable Curesque backdrop. KD

Suburban Living – I Don’t Fit In

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Year: 2012

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