Bouts – We Tried

Jaysus these lads are great, a Dublin 4-piece with genuine balls. Not something you come across very often and we’re scratching our heads wondering how they could have bypassed us for 2 EP’s and 1 whole LP. ‘We Tried’ comes from the middle self-titled one from 2011 and is an instant defibrillator for a local scene that has become stale despite the raging recession outside. The thing that most pleases is that Bouts play it straight, no studio gimmickry, no posturing, just straight ahead propulsive indie rock. Like Delorentos when they hit full stride or Director if they ever had had the wherewithal to follow-up on their incandescent debut single. Abouts time. KD

Bouts – We Tried

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Year: 2012

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