Power Animal – Exorcism

In a world where ones own haircut and apparel take precedence over concern for your unfortunate brethren it is heartwarming to discover artists like Power Animal signed to labels like Human Kindness Overflowing. For just last year the pair recorded and put out an album called ‘Exorcism’ with 100% of the proceeds going to local charities in their hometown of Philadelphia. To understand the worth of that recording you’d have to appreciate how much Power Animal’s Keith Hampson put into it. Struck by a debilitating illness (bizarrely known as Mono) he put ‘Exorcism’ together while lying prostrate on his sickbed with only a bunch of thrift shop cassettes and a SP-404 sampler at his disposal. Makes you wonder what the wonderkid could do if he had control of all his faculties for this is a remarkable album, suitably demonstrated by the title track that is as ear catching as electronica gets these days. Watch Power Animal as they roar into view some day soon. KD

Power Animal – Exorcism

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Year: 2012

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