Shearwater – Animal Life

I’ve seen Okkervil River and Shearwater mentioned in lots of dispatches but, in an act of non inclination towards either band I never put two and two together. Namely, that one band is for all intensive purposes an offshoot of the other. Not that it matters that much really but armed with that knowledge I can understand why their output never really sat easy with a listening manner which by default screens mountains of music for the low hanging fruit. So when ‘Animal Life’ from Shearwater’s newest album resonated from the getgo a light permeated my being because I’d finally got there. ‘Animal Life’ exhibits a folky feel early on before slowly building to a climactic finale (that somewhat mirrors CYHSY’s ‘The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth’). The band roll out every trick in the book titled ‘tips to get them out of their seats’ and as a side effect they’ve pulled in at least one more blogger to their bulging army of enthusiasts. KD

Shearwater – Animal Life

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Year: 2012

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