Stereolab – Low Fi

The way music availability has gone now it makes you wonder how we were able to survive on so little in the early 90’s. Back then you could still chose your trusted sources, a radio show here, a British music weekly there, but before the arrival of the vast library of music afforded by the internet we dined out on a diet of scraps. It was a period when an album was given weeks to reveal its inner beauty rather than cast aside for something prettier after just 10 minutes. Music’s omnipresence has perhaps made it more disposable but believe me it is a far better state of affairs than having to occasionally pay £20+ for an album on import (what did that actually mean anyway?). Don’t know if it was a particularly virile time for albums, or my propensity to put them on a pedestal the way very few contemporary albums are but the majority of my top favourites still come from 1989 to 1993. One of the bands that I still cherish, even post dilution, is the Anglo Gallic Stereolab who cranked out this genius in 1992. It sounded like nothing else I’d ever heard. KD

Stereolab – Low Fi

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Year: 1992

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