The Dying Seconds – The Ladder Drops

You can hardly read an article about the Cast of Cheers without reference to their supply methods, namely giving away their début away for free and how that cast them upon a wider audience. Those facts are beyond dispute but what is a little sad is that a much greater creative Irish force was doing the same thing (and continues to do so) years beforehand. Sadly, apart from pockets of critical reason, they are largely untroubled by an adoring press/fanbase. But Dave Carton and his mates continue to evolve into genuine bright sparks, mostly electronic in nature and always flush with classic song conditionals. ‘Glimmerers’, their 3rd LP came out last year and breathed even greater vigour into a mosaic that never fails to illuminate. KD

The Dying Seconds – The Ladder Drops

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Year: 2009

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