Girl Band – In My Head

It’s time to zip up your boots for the showbands all over again because there is a Dublin band on the loose ripping damp wallpaper from the walls with their incendiary racket. And boy is it good to hear a new act giving it the sort of passion that really should come naturally. ‘In My Head’ only came out in April (on the increasingly vital Any Other City Records label) but they’ve already usurped it with their finely monikored ‘France ’98’ EP. It seems short bursts of loud noise are de rigueur for this 4-piece and on ‘In My Head’ they approximate an aircraft engine made up of equal parts Pet Lamb, Ash and Nirvana. A concoction like that is always going to offer a softer side and behind the glorious bluster lies a quiet ditty fighting to get its voice heard. Beginning to feel like there could be something special afoot. KD

Girl Band – In My Head

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Year: 2012

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