Mogwai – George Square Thatcher Death Party (Justin K Broadrick Reshape)

I’ll be honest and admit that I never ventured beyond ‘Rano Pano’ and ‘San Pedro’ for Mogwai’s last album ‘Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will’. Typical of the malaise in their output I scoffed and without much more evidence than that pair of miscreants I surmised that the Mogwai of ‘Ten Rapid’ (for that was surely their high watermark, ‘Happy Songs For Happy People’ did offer an all too brief respite mind) had long since ceased to exist. The plan was to give future releases a wide berth so how typical it was to get caught up in the slipstream of this reworking of ‘George Square Thatcher Death Party’ from the newbie Mogwai remix LP ‘A Wrenched Viral Lore’. What’s even more surprising is that it already feels like one of the best tunes I’ve heard all year. A case of something celestial sounding near heavenly from a band and a remixer that for all for all intents and purposes signal rock action but instead deliver, on this occasion at least, beautiful electronic redaction. KD

Mogwai – George Square Thatcher Death Party (Justin K Broadrick Reshape)

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Year: 2012

Lest We Forget Their Genius

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