Passenger – Feather On The Clyde

Something nice and quiet while the kiddies sleep nearby. A song by the oddly voiced Mike Rosenberg that had me hooked even before the brass kicked in. And isn’t it nice to listen to songs where the words trickle out clearly, like on most of ‘O’ (which still sounds so impressive) or a Bon Iver album if we were bothered enough to give him a chance. Passenger used to be Rosenberg and several others but just recently, and especially on his latest album ‘All The Little Lights’, he has gone out on his own. Easier to travel lightly that way in an effort to smooth out the edges on songs that forever fill his head with thoughts of stardom. More songs like ‘Feather On The Clyde’ and it soon may happen. KD

Passenger – Feather On The Clyde

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Year: 2012

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