The Stone Roses Vs Kasabian – Waterfall Beats

Football programmes can be a great source for new music, the major stumbling block being that you need to catch the lyrics in order to search-engine yourself to discovery. The ‘Premiership’ show on RTE has a decent hit ratio and several weeks of this mash-up over a bevy of goal round-ups had me salivating. ‘Waterfall’ by the Stone Roses has already proven to be a winner for this sort of activity with both Simon & Garfunkel and Lily Allen adding their dulcets to the song’s backing track. This time the ubiquitous Kasabian work their magic as their ‘Processed Beats’ nicely syncs (without ever coming close to surpassing the original, let’s make that clear) with one of the Roses most beautiful efforts. The Manc/Leicester instrumental/vocal one-two is a perfect match, an anthemic rendition that pulls from the near present and the glorious past. KD

The Stone Roses Vs Kasabian – Waterfall Beats

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