Vaadat Charigim – Its OK To Be Afraid

Vaadat Charigim

Being someone who is not overtly bothered by lyrics or worldly events it is perhaps predictable enough that the Hebrew worded outfit Vaadat Charigim should take my breath away. I’ve lost little but gained so much thanks to their mid-90’s rolling melodies which forever seem to be bathed in foraging chords. The Tel Aviv trio have made a habit of clogging my inbox of late and their persistence has paid off because, at this moment in time, I can’t think of another band I’d rather bestow my tip for 2013 on. There is an eponymous debut LP due very soon and if things play out as they should Juval Haring and his bandmates will be heroes to a lot more people by this time next year. Persistence and talent is the key it seems.KD

Vaadat Charigim – Its OK to be Afraid

Vaadat Charigim – The World Is Long Lost

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Year: 2013

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