SPLASHH – All I Wanna Do


There was a time when I banned myself from posting the same band more than once. Quite a hard task to set oneself but I managed it for a couple of years before realising that the whole exercise was utterly meaningless. And haven’t we come full circle now as London boys SPLASHH suddenly appear on this blog for the second time in a fortnight. I can feel my former self scolding my current incarnation but then latter-day hugger just cannot resist the charms of ‘All I Wanna Do’. This is straight-ahead fuzz pop, the way the Strokes used to do it circa their first 1 1/2 albums, kinda familiar but ever so loveable all the same. What a hugely impressive beginning for this band, bigger waves on the way no doubt. KD

SPLASHH – All I Wanna Do

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Year: 2012

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