Cosmic Rough Riders – The Loser

Cosmic Rough Riders

Don’t be fooled by the summery jangle supplied by this classic from the turn of the century for it harbours dark thoughts in the lyric sheet. But then, if like me you are destined to swat such dark scenarios to one side and instead focus on the rolling harmonies you’ll probably be able to smile a lot more liberally. ‘The Loser’ was taken from the best of this Scottish quintet’s 2 earlier albums which was repackaged by Alan McGee (Poptones, nee Creation) and called ‘Enjoyed The Melodic Sunshine’. A prescient title indeed for Cosmic Rough Riders channeled the best bits of the parts Teenage Fanclub borrowed from the Byrds. Retro heeled, jangled and completely under promoted ‘Enjoy The Melodic Sunshine’ still managed to sell over 100,000 copies. Some feat but then the reward for coughing up for a piece of plastic was the realisation that it contained a fine collection of nuggets like this. KD

Cosmic Rough Riders – The Loser

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Year: 2000

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