Jenn Rawling and Basho Parks – Gather It Up

Jenn Rawling & Basho Parks

I’m not sure that knowing that ‘Gather It Up’ is based on the movement of the honey bee will enhance your enjoyment of it. Didn’t for me but then I’m probably a bit too distant from the magic that surrounds us. Jenn Rawling and Basho Parks back-story is similarly sepia-tinged but there is no denying that we have two people here who have always done it their own way. The result of their collaboration is a collection of softly woven, often exotic in their application, folk pop dramas. Their 2011 album ‘Take The Air’ is from a different time and rather timeless with it. The kind of magic Nick Drake and Richard Kirby conjured at will. KD

Jenn Rawling and Basho Parks – Gather It Up

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Year: 2011

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