Sleeper – Vegas


Louise Wener really was a perfect 90’s frontwoman. Ballsy and opinionated she was the archetypal loose canon (with a good deal of substance behind her utterances it must be said) whose confidence in her band’s music was only matched by her appetite to chew at the establishment. Not at all as boring at that sounds and Sleeper did come up with some above decent moments, most of which can be found on their debut album ‘Smart’. And it is to that album’s main single we return, ‘Vegas’ is a schizophrenic number that reduces to accomplished meltdown towards the end. The lyrical theme was one of desperation but it is dispatched with plenty of humour and a bolshy swagger by Wener and her band. Vegas music has never exactly made the world go round (apart from that first Killers album) but at least the city inspires others to greater heights. Wener is now a published author so her apprenticeship in the music business served her well. KD

Sleeper – Vegas

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Year: 1994

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