The Black Angels – I’d Rather Be Lonely

The Black Angels

What a cute line ‘if this is love, then I’d rather be lonely’, so nifty I am a tad surprised no one has thought of it up to now. To make matters even more pleasant the Black Angels chose to coat the lyrics in a slick set of melodious jangle. And this from a Texas act who are normally laden down with psychedelia tidings, but who used the occasion of last year’s Record Store Day to release a bright and airy gem (as a b-side no less). Seems it was a temporary detour however as the precursor to their upcoming LP ‘Indigo Meadow’, ‘Don’t Play With Guns’ (listen below), has a more familiar rough and tumble approach. So before we cower into a darkened corner at the thought of the impending noisefest we can sway to ‘I’d Rather Be Lonely’s perfect gentleness. KD

The Black Angels – I’d Rather Be Lonely

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Year: 2013

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