Anna Ternheim – To Be Gone

Anna Ternhaim

In a world as niched as ours it’s not often that we wander beyond ye olde indie borders for the sanctity of new and unusual thrills. It’s the way we were programmed you see, like a fatal flaw that will forever ensure we are tunnel-eared. How nice then when moments such as this by Sweden’s Anna Ternhaim’s can take us beyond our meat and 2 veg to a place where a modicum of cool appears to be the order of the day. Part loungey and as elegant as a supermodel exhaling a plume of perfectly rounded cigarette smoke it reveals real pop sensibilities after the initial detachment. Ternhaim is not afraid to lavish her songs with all manner of musical adornment either as you’ll see on the video for ‘Girl Laying Down’ below. Sophisticated as the next blog. KD

Anna Ternheim – To Be Gone

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Year: 2008

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