Turtlemeyer – Amends

Liam O'Callaghan from Turtlemeyer

Funny how the moment you first heard an album can be so easily recalled, even decades later. This evening I’m thinking of a very early morning in 1995, foetal position on a couch, after a particularly heavy night of imbibement. It was pre DT’s but head was still a flutter with doubt and unreasoned anguish. The location was not exactly endowed with a rich music catalogue but one CD did catch my attention from a band I’d heard only fleetingly up to that point. It was probably just a consequence of the situation I found myself in but ‘Bewitched’ by Luna lived up to its name. Such an unhurried delight, a calm temperament and an assured way to deliver the goods. It was perfect for the moment and as I was to discover it was also pretty adept at colouring lots of other scenes. For a while I’d forgotten how great Luna were but this 7 minuter from newbie Irish act Turtlemeyer had me reminiscing again. ‘Amends’ is an understated gem with a liberal set of subtle shifts in direction as the songs unfolds. It is taken from Liam O’Callaghan’s (he being Turtlemeyer) debut album ‘Hotel Shambles’ which is dotted with little acoustic wonders like this. The album is available to download for free from Friday morning but can be streamed in full on bandcamp. The upshot is that I know I now have two antidotes for whenever that Sunday morning couch comes a calling. KD

Turtlemeyer – Amends

Turtlemeyer – Never Saw You Leaving

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Year: 2013

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