Cameras – Defeatist


Watch the video below and you’ll probably never get it out of your head, at the very least the images will reappear têteside each time you hear this anthemic number from Cameras. And I’m guessing that could be quite often given that these Sydneysiders have created a dark classic in ‘Defeatist’ (from their 2011 debut ‘In Your Room’). There is a little Interpolling going on and with a Bowie sounding vocalist in tow this was never going to be less than a treat. Trust a band of this stock then to go and record an upside-down version of Kate Bush’s seminal ‘Running Up That Hill’. Would have preferred to hear their take on ‘Cloudbusting’ but you can’t have everything I suppose. KD

Cameras – Defeatist

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Year: 2011

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