Korea In The Space – Hi

Korea In The Space

Quite bonkers, so much so that I’ve chosen to create a new category called Bonkers Pop to accommodate it. The it comes from an elusive Pittsburgh combo who appear to have a prolific enough demeanour but at the same time don’t seem all that arsed if anyone takes note of their sequences of sound. This psychedelic swirl arrived in 2011 and is a nice starting point in your march towards weighing up their relative worth. It bleeps and beguiles while offering the sweetest of just out of reach vocals. I’ve be tethering on posting it for months but after a night of exhausting football (thanks Dortmund for making this year’s CL the best in a long time) it just felt right to give it an airing. ‘Hi’ could well be the sound that reverberates around the mind of a possessed puppy. KD

Korea In The Space – Hi

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Year: 2011

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