Teleman – Cristina

Thomas Sanders of Teleman

What is it going to take to propel Thomas Sanders to something approximating stardom? Not his talent alone because to date even that colossus has failed. Tap Tap, Pete & The Pirates and even our meagre effort (listen below) have all done little to draw the spotlight but then salvation could be at hand in the form of Teleman who Sanders has formed along with 2 others who walked the gangplank recently. To date all the trio have to show is a one-off 7-inch on gilded Moshi Moshi Records but my how those pair of songs have left their mark. Especially the unhurried, with no end of moving parts it must be said, and unassumingly glory of a-side ‘Cristina’. As always Sanders vocals express barely concealed melancholy but there is also a thick veil of magic in the vicinity of everything that exhales in its company. KD

Teleman – Cristina

Tap Tap – Dry Dry Land

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Year: 2013

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