The River Cry – Honeymoon

The River Cry

Hilary Woods’ debut album as the River Cry caught me by surprise. First and most pertinently because of the distance she has travelled from her previous incarnation as bass player with JJ72. Secondly and most enjoyably it is the strength of her new material that easily makes this one of the best Irish albums released in 2013. ‘The River Cry’ is an extremely quiet affair but one that bursts with personality. For much of the time Woods’ ethereal vocals and a sparse piano line are all that stands between you and a room full of silence. And if that doesn’t set your anticipation nodes on high alert then you should give ‘Honeymoon’ the 2 ½ minutes it needs to convince you. It is crying out for a heartbreaking movie scene, one where the happy-ever-afters are within touching distance but sadly fail to materialise. Perfect for Sunday evenings. KD

The River Cry – Honeymoon

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Year: 2013

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