Digits – Always


In my short and not entirely engaging book the most difficult tune to fit to a place and time is the one that arrives pre-football of a Sunday morning. Out goes the dayglo techno numbers, no chance of a rambunctious rock headbanger and don’t even go near a home produced experimental number stuck together with cardboard guitars and a freshly chopped wooden xylophone. No it has got to be calm, cool and collected – much like me as I bear down on goal with only the knee-trembling keeper standing in my way of fleeting infamy. Digits is the work of just one Canadian man, Alt Altman, who is based in Berlin and formerly London (yeah I know this form of quasi detail doesn’t really have much bearing on your liking of a song but this is for the 1% that feel it’s important). And what a very delicate composition it is, like the subtle brushstrokes of a master painter on his way to making an impression on a ceiling somewhere in deepest Europe. KD

Digits – Always

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Year: 2012

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