Spotlight Kid – April

Spotlight Kid

Spotlight Kid take from one of the best shoegaze acts that ever was (we’re talking Swervedriver) which makes what they do all the more palatable because without that it could be a mere token reprisal rather a voyage into new territory. The similarities are most prevalent in the guitars which are tuned to within an inch of Adam Franklin’s seminal guitar noise. But SK’s frantic scuzz does have a life of its own, there are living breathing personalities present meaning there is much to admire for those familiar with shoegaze part 1 and those who are not. The band have just put out a new single called ‘Budge Up’ but this is taken from an earlier one back in 2011. All put out on ye old vinyl, the media of choice both then and now. KD

Spotlight Kid – April

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Year: 2011

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