The Dead Heads – When I’m Dead

The Dead Heads

Were it not for the enthusiasm and graft of the Jeffrey siblings this Sydney band would never have stood a chance. I can see them now, neighbours banging down the walls as the two (and assorted comrades) strip the paint off their side. It is a story that plays out all over the world and for many it leads to an inevitable ‘let’s put it down to a rite of passage’. The Jeffrey’s are pluggers though which can turn into a life of half interested listeners or in their case an emergence of a sound, utterly retro though it is, that could well become seriously noteworthy. ‘When I’m Dead’ is the first tune to emerge from their debut album and it is a whirlwind of intent. The Strokes may or not be intended (they appear to have designs on the Brian Jonestown Massacre’s title) but that is what it ended up sounding like. We’ll be keeping an eye out for their next move. KD

The Dead Heads – When I’m Dead

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Year: 2013

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