[Mixtape] The First Days of Summer

It seems like it has taken an eternity to arrive but this weekend we are beginning to the see the reappearance of that burning sphere that had up to this point eluded us. To celebrate here are a bunch of tunes that herald the end of the interminable damp.

[8tracks width=”400″ height=”450″ playops=”” url=”http://8tracks.com/mixes/1706376″]


High Highs ““ Flowers Bloom
Sparklehorse – Don’t Take My Sunshine Away
Fred ““ Summer’s Coming
Baffin Island ““ That Summer Feeling
Cheers Elephant ““ Leaves
The Very Most ““ You’re In Love With The Sun
Friendly Fires ““ Jump In The Pool
Little Jungles ““ Winter Was Warmer
The Legends ““ He Knows The Sun
Mum ““ Green Grass of Tunnel
Houses ““ Endless Spring
Gene – Mayday

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